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Jul 2, 2011 2:30pm PDT
that they are the support towers for the brooklyn bridge. to learn more about this beautiful structure, we met with architectural historian justin ferate. justin is internationally recognized for his expertise in new york city landmarks. why was this bridge originally built? >> in the 19th century, the city of new york was the largest in the country. and the third largest city was the city of brooklyn, directly across the water. but there was no way to connect the two cities. the east river was a tremendous shipping canal. so they had to figure a way to get from one side to the other and connect the cities and get over all the ships that came into the harbor. >> no one had ever attempted to build a bridge like this before. for one thing, the towers that support the bridge would have to go deep beneath the sandy river bottom to make sure they rested on a solid surface. but that meant building underwater. so -- >> they created a rather amazing, simple, but amazing simple, essentially a box upsidedown, and they would sink the box and capture air in the box. and people would go down into the box,
Jul 9, 2011 4:00pm PDT
the country. and the third largest city was the city of brooklyn, directly across the water. but there was no way to connect e o ti. the east river was a tremendous shpi cal so ty had to fure a way to get from one side to the other and connect the citiend g over all the ships that came into the harbor. >> no one had ever attempted to build a bridge like this before. r e in t terth support the bridge would have to go deep beneath the sandy river bottom to make sure they rested on sidurface. but that meant building underwater. so- >> they created aather amazing, simple, but amazing simple een box upsidedown, and they would sink the box andapreirn e box. d op wldo wnnt the box, digging for the foundations for the bridge. basically, you're in an upside wnoxunrnth the river. an incredibly difficult job, but it was the courage of alof those great workers whose names weilner owwhduth bridge that would give us this great construction. >> the achievement, though, came at a tremendous price. many men lost their lives building the bridge, including the bridge's designer. >> the origina
Jul 30, 2011 6:00pm EDT
and family gathered to pay their last respects. >> loved ones gathered at the brooklyn church of god to remember the standout basketball star who was a role model on and off the court. the family continues to grieve his death and they say they are "maintaining" right now. friends, family, and teammates gathered to celebrate his life. they say they will miss his smile, generosity, and compassion for others. he was a star basketball player and he worked his way up from water boy to a power forward. the honor roll student was being recruited by seven colleges, but all of this future dreams were put on hold when markets was killed when a gun went off. marcus and two others are handling the gun when it went off. >> he was motivated. he was a motivator. he was a positive influence on young people. >> prosecutors are meeting with police to determine whether or not this case will be classified as an accidental shooting. in brooklyn and the sheldon dutes, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore city fire officials are trying to figure out what started as a house fire in self baltimore. they battled thi
FOX News
Jul 24, 2011 10:00pm PDT
boy in brooklyn have previous victims? coming up. >> asked me to get a restraining order against him because he was like at the time he was so hysterical about us getting a divorce. he didn't want to get a divorce. i wanted to get the divorce. he felt that for my safety it was better for me to get one. >> geraldo: has he the ex-wife of the butcher. dismemberment of that 8-year-old boy in that tight knit jewish neighborhood in brooklyn still has this entire town rattled even as police ponder whether this guy may have had other victims. greg investigates. >> geraldo, on july 11th, when 8-year-old leiby clusky disappeared. this whole community came together to search for him. rabbi david neederman is president of the united jewish organization of williamsburg. tell me how this death has affected this community. >> it has affected all communities all over the city, worldwide as well. we all felt such a horrible act that could not be comprehended. >> it was the first time a young boy got to walk alone. a scene not uncommon in this part of new york city where orthodox jews dominate and fee
Jul 10, 2011 8:00pm EDT
% of the population is to tell the others 50% what to wear. >> were you born? >> in brooklyn, new york. >> what year? >> 1963. a methodist hospital. i was en route kirkland the past weekend. it is phenomenal. -- i was in brooklyn the past weekend. it is phenomenal. brooklyn has been raised from the dead. when i fly over brooklyn, i close my eyes when i go over brooklyn. it feels me with fear and loathing. i am always looking out the window to catch another scene from new jersey. >> your mother used the word tiago -- daigo. >> my mother was born in america. her merit -- the family came over in the early 1900's. they were from italy and ireland. that usually informs my world view and also my libertarianism. i'll get to that in a second. my mother up in an industrial town, waterbury, connecticut. she grew up in an untying ghetto. she did not speak english until she went to school. it is amazing. i have looked at my grandfather who lion named after. his ship manifesto noted that she was from southern and northern italy. africa begins at the rome they will tell you. his complexion was noted. he was a lit
Jul 27, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >> in brooklyn, new york, steve hindy turns to a famous designer to gain an edge. >> people immediately said, wait a minute, how did you get milton glazer involved in this. >> it's a hot summer's day in williamsburg, brooklyn. outside, temperatures are soaring. that's not stopping our boss, steve hindy. he's hitting the streets on an important sales call. >> hey, steve. >> how are you doing? >> nice to see you. >> steve is visiting a popular hangout in the area called diner. his goal here today is simple, to persuade owner, andrew tarlow to carry more of his beer. steve sees himself as more than just the president of brooklyn brewery. in his eyes he's the consummate salesman, an aggressive negotiator for his brand. >> so much of beer selling is salesman. i think if i retreat to my office and never get out and talk to people, i think that's a big loss to my company. >> diner already stocks many of brooklyn brewery's beers, but in an ever-growing market, steve doesn't want to lose out to the competition. >> i could have more of your beer on tap. >> you think you'd be interested in the brew mas
Jul 20, 2011 1:00am PDT
. >> in new york steve hindy proudly names his latest product. >> brooklyn tonic is now the brooklyn concoction thanks to uncle sam. >> reporter: in a stylish townhouse on the east side of manhattan, steve hindy is meeting with one of the most famous designers in the united states, milton glazer. >> about time you got here? >> am i late? >> you certainly are. >> reporter: he's the legendary graphic designer behind the emblematic "i love new york" logo and this poster of bob dillon. steve and milton have collaborated since the birth of brooklyn brewery. now he wants milton to design an artistic retrospective of the company's 25-year history to be displayed at the brooklyn factory as part of their tours. >> it will be decorative and it will give people something to want to listen to. >> reporter: steve has worked hard to build this relationship. he knew that right from the start bringing milton on board would immediately add prestige to their young business, but it wasn't easy. >> the first time i called here, basically the woman who answered the phone shooed me away. she said do you k
Jul 24, 2011 7:00am PDT
was also the center for medical education, medical science, science itself, technology. the brooklyn bridge, for example, stands on an under water foundation system called kay sons developed by french engineers in paris. so the engineer of the brooklyn bridge, washington robely went to paris to find out how to do it. most americans don't realize that, how much we owed to france. >> i have to go on a tangent because you wrote a book about the brooklyn bridge. here you are talking about the engineer of the brooklyn bridge and what he borrowed from france. how does it stay that fresh in your mind? >> to me the writing of the book is like an experience in life, particularly if i'm a powerful experience. you never forget it. some subjects, once i've finished with them, that's it. i have gotten it out of my system. with the brooklyn bridge, there's something about it, i'm still involved. my wife and i take a walk over the bridge every year. go back and walk through the old neighborhood in brooklyn where we lived when we were first married. i think it's one of the great accomplishments of our civi
Jul 1, 2011 5:30am PDT
successes. before he was 10, the romero family took flight to the williams burg section of brooklyn because of the numbered streets such as south 6th and south 7th which carried their direction. in time, the south street became puerto rican, displacing the italians, who moved deeper into brooklyn. the north streets were remained polish extending into green point. his parents purchased a house cheaply and over the years created a home that was a welcome place for their children and grandchildren. this haven was of such serenity that kenny often felt the same respect and awe that he experienced when entering the fragrant solitude of the catholic church, fleeing went the irish seeking refuge from the advancing harlems, the dark skin of the people making unrecognizable the prejudices they had endured when they arrived in america. the defect of memory driving them forward to separate themselves from the shadows that follow all immigrants. fleeing went the puerto ricans, escaping the same blackness, but impeled by the fear of blood, both physical and hereditary, fearing with greater horror the pr
Jul 26, 2011 10:30am PDT
seen the sight, a girl can see from brooklyn heights, what a crazy pair! ♪ cathy: oh my, patty. did you find all your files? patty: finally! who knew it would be this much work when richard and i decided to retire! cathy: well, what are you going to do first? patty: we're heading down to brooklyn heights and start in on that social security paperwork. cathy: why would you do that? patty: what do you mean? cathy: it's so much easier to log onto and file online. patty: what if i need to know how much money i'll be getting?
Jul 14, 2011 12:00pm EDT
last week at the age of 93. -- of the 84. she died last week at the age of 93. >>> a brooklyn neighborhood filled with shock and grief. a little boy was grabbed and brutally murdered by a complete stranger. police are trying to find out why. >>> proposals from local police are raising eyebrows. >>> paying double for netflix. >>> before all that, will the break in the heat last all weekend? >>> and a brooklyn neighborhood is still in shock over the gruesome murder of a small boy. he was on his way home from camp. >> a little wooden casket carried on shoulders in a wave of grief. >> we have to pray that this will be the last time we will hear of such a thing like this. >> he was going to be nine years old last week. but during his seven-block walk on monday, his first in making the trip alone, he was of but that did buy a complete stranger and brutally killed. >> this is every parent's nightmare. this type is extremely rare. >> his disappearance set off a frantic search in the orthodox jewish community. police got their break from this video. you can see the boy walking in front
FOX News
Jul 24, 2011 7:00pm PDT
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Jul 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
? >> i was born in brooklyn, new york. >> what year? >> in 1963, in methodist hospital. i still must say i was just in brooklyn the past weekend and it is phenomenal. i don't necessarily believe in an afterlife, but brooklyn has certainly been raised from the dead. it was a horrifying apparition for all the '70s, much of the '80s. when i fly over brooklyn, if i'm going to new york or anywhere west of it, i close my eyes when i go over brooklyn because it just, it fills me with fear and loathing. i was raised in new jersey and i'm always looking out the window to catch another scene from the garden state which i think is the greatest state in the union. >> you referred, and i don't remember exactly how you said this, about your mother, and you used the word dago, is that something she was called when she was growing up? >> sure, yes. >> where was she from? >> my mother was the first generation of her family born in america, she was raised -- her parents came over in the 19- teens, all four of my grandparents were immigrants from old europe, from italy on my mother's side and ireland on my
Jul 13, 2011 6:30pm PDT
, mientras tanto el funeral del niño está previsto para esta noche en el vecindario de brooklyn. >> alejandro un poco el estado de ánimo de la comunidad que es una de las más seguras de brooklyn, hablábamos que la gente está consternada y también conmovida. >> sí señor, hay conmoción. el propio alcalde blum bloomberg h expresado que hay que tomar conciencia. en este caso era el primer día que "el niño" estaba sólo, que iba es qdesde la escua su casa y hay que tener cuidado y quizás lo que queda de esta tragedia para aprender una lección enrique. >> muy dura lección. luis alejandro medina. >> ahora seguimos a clivert niurka marcos en donde el consejo de los ángeles aprobó una resolución de apoyo a una ley que beneficiaría a 200.000 trabajadores y trabajadoras domésticas bajo consideración en el estado. t les daría los mismos derechos que los trabajadores de la industria, incluyendo vacaciones y horas extras y también seguro médico y otros beneficios. >> en california, miles de estudiantes se enfrentan la difícil decisión de postergar o incluso abandonar su carrera univ
Jul 28, 2011 3:00pm PDT
's only seen the sight, a girl can see from brooklyn heights, what a crazy pair! ♪ cathy: oh my, patty. did you find all your files? patty: finally! who knew it would be this much work when richard and i decided to retire! cathy: well, what are you going to do first? patty: we're heading down to brooklyn heights and start in on that social security paperwork. cathy: why would you do that? patty: what do you mean? cathy: it's so much easier to log onto and file online. patty: what if i need to know how much money i'll be getting? cathy: online. patty: what if our address changes? cathy: online. patty: what if i want medicare too? cathy: online. patty: so, how did you get so darn smart anyway? cathy: online! ♪ when cousins are two of a kind! ♪ you are so lost. no, i'not, man. dude! i dropped my phone. oh, the road! whoa. yeah. you know what i'm saying. how would you like to save your life from an ugly reckless driving death? don't answer yet, there's more! act now by slowing down and we'll guarantee you complete satisfaction! kids: that's awesome! announcer: in the
Jul 27, 2011 5:30pm EDT
highwaa near bon air aveeue in brooklyn park .it morning.. on julyy14th...the &psuspect was ddiving a small, dark-coloree s-u-v... and was wearing pink medical scrubs. anyone with information should call police. it's time for a check of thh roads... with a look at what you an exxpcc as you head 3 here's. lauren cook with our trrffic edge report. report. maps-fiber-liberty-back to maps pls p, leeders...// unner fire - pilllng vacancies... which have little impact.../ on the classroom... classroom... iisteed.... of... filling early... 200-- vacant... teaching positions, .../ áátheáá istrict... has spent thoussnds of dolllrs... on new adminstrators, ... accountants and ggounds workers....// áátheáá teachers union... says...// the move will result.../ in larger classssszes. (15:10) "its a maater of, in tough imes, where are yyu making cuts and in our minds, the classroom ssould be the furtherest...the last resort..." (3300) "iffa principal leaves we have to have him or the assistant other posittons are direccly - responssb
Jul 30, 2011 11:00pm EDT
busy this afternoon with a single house fire in baltimore. it happened on fourth street in brooklyn just after 1:30 p.m. firefighters rescued a cat from inside the home. it took them about 30 minutes before they could get the fire under control. there is no word on the extent of damage. because of the fire remains under investigation. a high school basketball star an honor roll student has been laid to rest after an apparent accidental shooting. he was killed when a gun went off at a brooklyn home last wednesday. >> at the young age of 18, marcus could apparently lot of our room and light up lives as well. just ask the other players on the basketball team. >> he inspired all of us to be better players. i saw him as a big brother. >> respectful, polite, generous. those were the words used to describe a young basketball star and honor roll student, now gone. >> he had a very great future ahead of him. >> i want to dedicate this season to him. he will be our sixth man all season long. we will play with the chip on our shoulder. >> they wore their jerseys at the emerald for markets. no
Jul 15, 2011 4:30am EDT
of killing an 8-year-old brooklyn boy must now get a psychological evaluation. lawyers for levi aron said the man hears voices and may be mentally ill. prosecutors say he lured leibby to his home in brooklyn on monday after the boy got lost walking home from summer camp. security cameras captured their meeting. investigators say they later found the boy's severed feet wrapped in plastic in aron's freezer. >>> mayor vincent gray has asked for a zoning change which would allow a gun dealer to sell guns in police headquarters. that's according to the "washington examiner." the district has not had a gun dealer, making it impossible for the residents to buy guns legally. this would allow people to buy guns inside a d.c. government building. the only gun dealer in the district was forced to shut down. >>> the council starts its summer recess today, which will run through the middle of september. this has been a difficult session so far with investigations into mayor gray as well as two council members for inappropriate use of district funds. >>> a tentative agreement to end the nfl lockout cou
Jul 21, 2011 5:30pm EDT
player is dead after a shooting in the brooklyn community which police say may have been accidental. 18-year-old marcus harvel died wednesday afternoon. police say it happened in the brooklyn home's housing project. they are now looking into an account that it happened when they mishandled a gun. >>> tonight baltimore city police have arrested this man saying he shot one of their own. investigators say shay jordan used a high powered rifle with a scope from across the street. causing minor injuries. police say jordan has a prior military record and a history of mental illness. police also say he confessed to the shooting. jordan actually had nothing to do with the original domestic violence call that the officer was responding to. >>> all right, your kids are a few weeks away from heading back to school, but many stores are gearing up for that back to school shopping. should you stock up now or wait until your children are back in the classroom? abc2 is working for you with the new feature click to fix. hear the answers we got about this run down home in baltimore city and learn how you
Jul 21, 2011 6:00pm EDT
basketball player is dead tonight following a shooting in brooklyn. police say it might have been an accident. marcus harvell was a star player at masonville academy. police say he was at the brooklyn home's housing project when the shooting happened and marcus' friend told police he and marcus were handling the gun when it just went off. marcus was shot in the chest and later died at shock trauma. >> i believe when we get more concrete answers, that will help, but it's not going to take away the pain and my sister is coping the best way she can right now. >> i was getting a ton of interest from schools from marcus. obviously the junior colleges were, a lot of division 3 schools. he had the athleticism and the size and the talent to be a division one caliber player. and that was getting recognized. >> in fact, marcus harvell had plans to travel to a national tournament in orlando today for a final chance to impress the scouts. let's get back to the heat. the state's public service commission is reminding all of us that public utilities are not allowed to shut off services used for cooling
Jul 22, 2011 4:30am EDT
but wednesday afternoon police found him suffering from a gunshot wound in the brooklyn holmes housing project. authorities are investigating that he and a friend could have been mishandling a gun just before it went off. >>> a silver spring man has been convicted of slashing tires on a car in a hate related crime. steven armstrong was found guilty of malicious destruction of property and committing a crime based on race. the prosecutors are saying 53- year-old admitted he vandalized a hispanic man's car and along with others and told the victim he hated hispanics. >>> a driver suffered minor injuries after his truck was hit by a csx train. police say the 58-year-old failed to stop at a flashing red light on a railroad crossing tuesday afternoon. the train clipped the truck causing the truck to roll onto its side. it happened around the 700 block of of pennsylvania avenue in hagerstown. police say he was taken to the hospital with glass in his arm but is otherwise okay. >>> and the national museum of crime and punishment in washington has a new -- of crime and punishment in washington has new
Jul 28, 2011 11:00pm EDT
domonique strauss-kahn of sexual assault came to this brooklyn church for her first public event. >> my daughter, we're going through a lot. we're crying every day. we can't sleep. >> reporter: nafissatou diallo was met by over 100 members of the local and international media including at least 40 cameras joined by her attorney ken thompson and local religious and community leaders. >> that's why i have to be here and let people know a lot of things that they say about me is not true. >> reporter: yesterday diallo and her lawyers spent close to eight hours with prosecutors and defense attorneys and a translator listening to phone calls between diallo and a friend incarcerated in arizona. contrary to earlier reports, they show the tape shows she did not tell that friend she could make a lot of money off the case. instead he brought it up and she brought it down and thompson defended her decision to go public and do interviews with news week last weekend. >> dominique strauss-kahn violently attacked and tried to rape her, so she is telling the truth. she doesn't have to wait till trial. s
Jul 26, 2011 6:30pm PDT
as brooklyn bowl? >> this is a different route. -- group. >> these folks have another business on to visit deerow -- divisidero. they are planning to go into the border now. we are rowling. >> when i moved here there was to bowling alleys, one in japan town and the other in the haight. >> the other thing about the bowling alleys, commissioner newlin, for every permit half -- officer? we could ask someone. >> [inaudible] >> maybe if we could find out that way. moving on, then to the staff and office update. staff attended several meetings in north beach and the fillmore. nicholas attended the north beach meeting. last wednesday, july 20. i attended a meeting july 21. my meeting was regarding outdoor events in the fillmore, hosted by the fillmore and the lower fillmore. there was a discussion about juneteenth that had problems regarding security. the -- it was an interesting discussion. they are eager to learn about how the city would like them to manage those outdoor events. do you want to chime in briefly? the would-be hopeful. >>-- that would be helpful. >> one is his meeting at the stati
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm EDT
and dismembering a eight-year-old brooklyn boy. police are still removing evidence the-from-the suspect's home. ty wa chang has more on this. ty wa? >> reporter: 30, a half hour ago, the lawyers reprinting them. after talking to the client. they said he still hears voices and tries to drown them out by listening to music. the two lawyers hired by his family went to the central control psychiatric ward of bellevue hospital. for a couple of hours, they met with their client and this is the first meeting they had with him. >> this is the first opportunity we have, really, to set down with him and have a conversation with him. our goal is to get an idea what his mental capacity is the. >> reporter: on friday, the judge ordered his mental evaluation to see if he's competent to stand trial. the mental competency requires the ability to understand the charges filed and that one is involved in the legal proceedings. earn's lawyer said they will seek an epsanity plea for the client who admitted to police me smothered and dismembered the the boy. >> there were time when is he was clear and knew about his c
Jul 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
in brooklyn park and taken to the hospital. at 2:32, police found 46-year- old richard mills sitting in a pickup truck in north baltimore. he had been stabbed in the stomach and died later at johns hopkins hospital. another homicide just minutes later. around 2:36 a.m., police say 22-year-old jerel mcfadden was shot in the upper body in the 1500 block of lester morton court in east baltimore. he was also pronounced dead at johns hopkins. 2:42 a.m., a man walked into a hospital with a gunshot wound. police say he was shot in the 4100 block of pascal avenue. around 11:00 a.m., police found a woman dead in the 200 block of north belnord avenue. police are not releasing any information about how the woman died or the circumstances surrounding it. the homicide detectives continue to investigate. there was gunfire. police say a man who shot in the chest. we have new information on the final incident from yesterday. police say there were three victims including a 17-year-old male who was shot several times. if you have any information on any of these crimes, police want to hear from you. ki
Jul 14, 2011 12:35am PDT
are originally from brooklyn. they taught me how to drive. and i'm just -- i couldn't be worse. >> still not good? >> jimmy: i am the worst driver on the face of the earth. >> well, my dad is a cab driver. i'm pretty sure he's worse than you, though. >> jimmy: oh, well -- come on. [ laughter ] wait, your dad's a cab driver and he didn't teach you how to drive? >> no. >> jimmy: oh, come on. >> jimmy: i'm not his favorite child. it happens. [ laughter ] i'm kidding. he loves me. he loves me. >> jimmy: i know he does. he does. so wait -- so what, you have your learner's permit? >> yeah. >> jimmy: that's all you have. >> yeah -- and so i got to practice driving up there. but like, the friends i was staying with have like an 11-year-old daughter who is from denver. and she's learning to drive, too. so everyday would be a fight between me and an 11-year-old over who gets to drive. >> jimmy: yeah, cause do you have to drive with like an adult who has a -- ? >> i guess -- not that i followed rules or anything. [ laughter ] come get me, cops. >> jimmy: wait, you were just driving illegally? [ laughter and
Jul 16, 2011 12:35am PDT
born in brooklyn, right? >> yeah. yeah. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: do you go back there much? do you live there now, or do you go back there and visit? >> yeah, i visit my cousins, my aunts and uncles. >> jimmy: i was born in brooklyn, but i was moved. >> you were moved? you didn't want to go. >> jimmy: no. i was i was 1-year -- i was 1-year-old. >> you were holding on to that one tree. >> jimmy: yeah, i was holding with my binky, going, "i don't want to leave!" yeah, but i went upstate. but, i'm a new yorker, too. but, god i love brooklyn. so many fun cool things. >> yeah, it's a good place to grow up. >> jimmy: have you walked across the brooklyn bridge? you must have, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: a lot of people haven't. i hadn't until recently. >> oh. >> jimmy: it's amazing. and it's free. you just walk across. >> it is. it's a good time. >> jimmy: it's such a cool thing to do. i would recommend it to anybody. >> nadia should have her next party there. >> jimmy: she should, yeah. invite a bunch of firemen. >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's good pizza over there, as well. >> oh, my god, yeah. i grew
Jul 9, 2011 4:30pm EDT
. there's a school here in brooklyn i heard a lot about. i had teamed up with somebody in the private sector. it was a crackhouse. we turned it into a school building called excellence academy. it was about 100% african-american and latino males, no women. that is as challenging a group to educate in terms of the demographics. and i had heard good things about it. so i got there one morning, and a kid was checking in if, and he turned to me and said, good morning, chancellor. look, you know, i've been in, literally, a thousand schools in new york city. no one knows who i am, you know? if there's a media person there, the kids whisper, who's that, the mayor? they have no clue. i asked this kid, what's your name? he said, jamal. i said, can you tell my what you're doing here at the excellence academy? he said, he's a kindergartener, he said, i'm on the way to college. i said, you're hustling me. you're in kindergarten, what do you mean you're on the way to college? he said, you know, chancellor, it's never too young to think about that kind of thing. now, when every kid in every classro
Jul 13, 2011 7:00pm PDT
newsroom. >>> new york police today made an arrest in found the remains an 8-year-old brooklyn boy. detectives say they used surveillance video to track a suspect down. they say they found bloody knives and a child's severed feet inside a refrigerator. commissioner kelly called the case every parent's nightmare. >>> we have an update on a story that we told you last night about a camp for diabetic children that had been canceled. tonight the diabetes society filed for bankruptcy. the families each put down a $700 deposit but officials say it is unlikely they will get a refund. >> it went to the camps but we have to reserve the camps, reserve insulin, supplies. >> they say they are working on a plan that could allow the camp to resume in august. >>> the parks commission in oakland is in the middle of a dogfight, ap will, over where to build a new dog park. one group wants his own long macarthur -- it along macarthur avenue and astor park. they say the dog park would hurt businesses by taking up parking spaces. >>> one mail carrier suspended mail service after a run-in with a dog nam
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 486 (some duplicates have been removed)